The Future of Cybercrime Forensics

Cybercrime Forensic investigation is a complicated science with its own history, implications and future. It is not sufficient merely to consider it a branch of criminology, or the study of cyber criminal behavior, or research into the relationship between the causes of tech related crime and social policies. For cyber criminals, their knowledge and their […]

Google Hacking

Abstract: Google hacking is the term used when a hacker tries to find vulnerable targets or sensitive data by using the Google search engine. In Google hacking hackers use search engine commands or complex search queries to locate sensitive data and vulnerable devices on the Internet. What is Google Hacking? Google hacking is the term […]

Cyberspace, Cyberterrorism and Information Warfare: A Perfect Recipe for Confusion

Abstract: The terms “cyberspace,” “cyberterrorism” and “information warfare” are becoming common in the dialog of information security and media professionals. However, it is hard to find solid definitions of these terms. The author discusses these terms from different viewpoints by giving examples and different definitions from diverse sources, both academic and professional. Keywords: Cyberspace, cyberterrorism, […]