Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Workshop – Ghana

The course was very beneficial both for the office and my domestic usage. The facilitator treated some topics which personally I’ve taken for granted. Also the examples used for the purpose of illustration were very down to earth. Bravo! Evelyn Malm, Bank of Ghana

Next Generation IT Security Workshop – Ghana

The threat of security breach or the prospect of having hackers into any organization system cannot be over-emphasized enough. This workshop has further made me realized that all systems are susceptible to intrusion. There is the need therefore to constantly identify current vulnerabilities in systems and seek solutions/patches/updates to them immediately. I have learnt a […]

Cyber Forensic Workshop – Indonesia

It was a great seminar for me, who looks at firewall logs and reports. Now me and my team can investigate incidents and anomalies better. Zack Mohamad, Telekom Brunei Berhad

Next Generation IT Security Workshop 2009, Ghana

It was nice meeting with you and been part of the class. Your mastery of the topic was superb and I hope to have a similar opportunity in the near future Gerald H. P. Ganda, National Revenue Authority

Cyber Forensic Workshop 2009, Indonesia

A very informative and mind opening workshop, Dr. Ali is a true expert in this area with vast of Knowledge and experience to share. Wish the class was held over a few more days. Sharul Tajuddin, Institute Technology Brunei

Cyber Forensic Workshop – Indonesia

This event {was} good, it makes me understand and clear what different is between Audit and Forensic investigation. Handriko, Axis

Cyber Forensic Workshop – Singapore

It was an eye opening workshop and I really value it very much. Mr. Eliki Salusalu, ITC Services Fiji Government

Ultimate Live Hacking Master Class – South Africa 2009

I really enjoyed the course and it was an eye-opener to see how easy it is for access to be compromised. Jacques Arangies – Bank of Namibia

Ultimate Live Hacking Master Class – South Africa 2009

The workshop made me aware of what hackers are capable of doing, types of skills and Hacking tools they use and how to countermeasures. Immanuel Johannes – Namibia Ministry of Home Affairs & Immigration

Ultimate Live Hacking Master Class – Malaysia 2009

It was a great experience for me to attend Dr. Ali class. It opened my view on the other side of the IT world that I should pay attention more detail {to them}. A great thanks to Dr Ali for sharing his knowledge to us. I enjoyed it very much, looking forward for more specific […]